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We are a Digital Marketing Agency focused on delivering strategies and tools to grow the reach, visibility and sales for our clients, whom we call Partners. We listen and develop a unique relationship with them because their success becomes our job. We are based in El Paso, Tx. between the US and Mexico border were we tackle audiences on both sides of the international line, specializing in catering for American and Hispanic markets alike. We also proud ourselves in always delivering top industry standard Printed materials to cover all of your marketing needs. Whether it is developing an e-commerce website, creating a social media campaign or providing you with the latest business card trend, Jagger Digital is there to help with all of your marketing needs.We started as a small graphic & print agency in the borderland of El Paso, Tx and Ciudad Juarez in 2010, and since evolved into an all-in-one Marketing Agency. Our humble beginnings gives us an edge over the competition as far experience and pricing go. Working with a lot of small business owners with very limited budgets has given us a great perspective on taking care of our clients while staying affordable for them. -Together we will do more
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